There is a cure for Cancer, but it is being hidden

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There is a cure for Cancer, but it is being hidden

Post  EarthsAngel on Thu Jul 14, 2011 2:23 am

Watch the video and see how Cancer is a multi Billion Dollar Idustry!!

This documentary tells the astonishing story of the cure for cancer that was censored, attacked and nearly destroyed by the medical establishment (which actually does not want a cure for cancer!). This is a must-see documentary for everyone to see.

Read the announcement of this groundbreaking documentary at:

Watch the full movie right now at NaturalNews.TV:

Or visit the movie website at:

Be sure to share this with friends because the whole world needs to know the truth about this cancer cure created by a doctor that was very nearly stomped out of existence by the medical establishment. The information in this film would put the cancer industry out of business! (That's why they are desperate that you don't watch this film... it reveals far too much truth!)

Also today: We have a screaming funny video to share with you about the situation in Oak Park, Michigan, where a woman is being threatened with 90 days of jail time for the "crime" of growing a vegetable garden in her own yard! Watch our comedy satire news report video at:

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