Open Letter to Cameron....Brilliant!!!

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Open Letter to Cameron....Brilliant!!!

Post  EarthsAngel on Tue Aug 16, 2011 3:11 am

Open letter to David Cameron: justice no longer blind

In a civilized democracy, we are told that everybody is equal under the law. However, it seems that, for the rioters and looters during the recent unrest, all of the normal sentencing guidelines have been abandoned. People are being sent to prison for several months for accepting stolen pairs of shorts and may well end up serving longer sentences than criminal MPs that stole many thousands of pounds. People are being arrested and charged for organizing water fights. Your government and your courts are behaving like school playground bullies. This is the worst kind of justice. The sign of a weak and ineffective person is inaction followed by grotesque overreaction. You have demonstrated yourself to be totally unworthy of being our leader. Many of the citizens of this country are, like ourselves, feeling ashamed to be British.

You appear to have declared war on the very values we always believed this country defends.

In what way are you better than the rioters themselves, as you too are destroying the very fabric of our society? You are dividing our nation. You are building up levels of resentment which we have never known before. Your government is providing the best demonstration of mob rule so far.

Gross injustice will exacerbate the underlying causes that lead to the riots in the first place. We find it totally unbelievable that your government would be so foolish as to follow this course of action.

In a civilized country, even criminals deserve justice, and that justice should be independent of class and race.

Kalvis and Judy Jansons

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