England For Der English

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England For Der English

Post  El Guapo on Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:27 am

England for Der English

Der Paki's often tell me,
Dat dey fink dat dey are English,
To which I laff and tell dem,
"You're only fahkin British!"
I dahnt care if you woz born 'ere,
Dat dahnt change a fing,
You'll never be fahkin English,
No matter how loud yer fahkin sing,
Sum peeps dey call me racist,
And sumtimes call me a fug,
Dat dahnt bovver me,
I look at dem and shrug,
England for indijjynous,
Everyone else can get ter fahk,
And when der BNP get into power,
You Paki's are outta luck,
Lets close der fahkin corner shops!
See yer later Mr Singh!
Fahk off back to Inja!
I tell dem wiv a grin,
My Grandad din't fight der Germans,
So you cud fahkin sponge,
He fought der fahkin Germans,
To keep out you fahkin scum,
England for der English,
I'm sick of all dis shite,
You ain't fahkin welcome 'ere,
Unless your skin is white!
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