What the Hell is going on in the UK?

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What the Hell is going on in the UK?

Post  EarthsAngel on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:08 am

What is going on??

Seriously... i don’t get it... society/TPTB/Government/People seem to have thrown common sense out the window and replaced it with a strange mix of warped liberalism and misguided nanny state Orwellianism!!
Sounds like a contradiction... but that’s how i see it!!

Look at this story...



This woman and her severely disabled daughter were hounded by a local gang for YEARS!!! Again and again complaints were made to the police about this bullying... It got so bad that the mother would switch all the lights in the house off and cower with her daughter in a dark corner just to avoid the constant abuse from these teenagers!!
Eventually the strain became too much and the mother killed herself and her daughter.

Then we have this more recent story...


This time a 64 year old man with severe learning difficulties dies in his front garden after suffering YEARS of abuse from local gangs...

The police were well aware of what was happening and had installed CCTV at the house... So the youths just wore hoods when they harassed and abused this man. Eventually the abuse took its toll...

These are just two stories of what is sadly becoming an epidemic in Britain!!! For too long have we taken the liberal approach to youth... offering them “respect” instead of discipline and excuses instead of responsibility!!!
Is it time to adopt a more old fashioned approach and clean up our streets?? Is it not time for adults to reclaim their place as leaders???

Parents of these little thugs need to be held accountable... all too often the parents are either apathetic regarding their Child's discipline or they are just as bed and are actually disruptive to the Child's education and social growth!!

But what happens when parents do stand up to their Children??


A man who was arrested and cautioned for slapping his 13-year-old daughter across the face fears he will no longer be able to work with children.
Jim McCullough, of Manchester, hit Jess after she banged a neighbour's window at midnight, and she called the police

Now, whether you agree with this man slapping his daughter or not, the fact remains that he has been arrested for trying to discipline his daughter who was harassing a neighbour!!!!

What is going on??? personally... if it was my daughter, i would have done the same... the only difference would be that i wouldn’t apologise for it. I have NEVER had to smack my daughter... but she is well aware that, if she did something serious enough, it is one of the weapons in my arsenal!!!

Now you can shout “That’s abusive” or “violence only begets violence” but the fact remains that none of my children bully or harass our neighbours(or anyone else for that matter) They have never played truant from school, talked back to adults, committed any crimes and are also well balanced and happy!!!

I have heard of cases where parents have been threatened with having their children put into care because they have smacked a Child!!! Ridiculous!! Especially when you consider this...


This beautiful little girl was forced to stand naked in the rain as punishment... Beaten regularly for minor mishaps, and starved to the point where she eventually died. The police and social services were aware of this... But no one was arrested until this little girl died!!!!

So you can beat and starve you daughter to death for your sick and twisted amusement... But if you are a kind and loving parent, who one day smacks your child for being abusive to neighbours, you get arrested?!?!?

Where is the common sense??? What is going on???

Another recent story: An elderly couple burn to death after Feral yob's set alight a mobility scooter in the couples porch. here are so many stories of people trying to protect themselves, their family and their business from these street rats, if one manages to catch the scum bums, they are arrested and scum bums are given a pat on the head and told not to be naughty!!!

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Re: What the Hell is going on in the UK?

Post  Guest on Wed Mar 31, 2010 10:28 am

Its terrible isnt it Angel nulabour took away our rights to chastise our young and look whats happened their running amok, Ive only ever needed to smack my youngest the once and she hasnt forgot it .

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