Hung Parliament - What Does It Mean And What Is The Danger?

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Hung Parliament - What Does It Mean And What Is The Danger?

Post  El Guapo on Thu May 06, 2010 4:49 am

A hung parliament occurs when neither party has a clear majority in the House of Commons. The last time this happened was in the 70's and caused so much chaos and disruption that another election was called later that same year to try and rectify the problem.

It is a very real possibility that David Cameron will win this election but WILL NOT become the next Prime Minister. Unless Conservatives hold more seats than Labour and Lib Dems combined the probability is that Brown will remain in power with a coalition parliament alongside the Lib Dems. This is because we are voting for a Parliament rather than a President.

Nick Clegg has already expressed his willingness to work alongside Labour in return for having Lib Dems in the Cabinet. Gordon Brown has hinted that he may step down in the event of a hung parliament and pass on the Premiership to David Milliband.

So even though Conservatives are likely to win this election they will not have enough power to instill David Cameron as Prime Minister.

What will happen is that Brown will need to tender his resignation to the Queen but it isn't as simple as Brown saying to the Queen he wishes A or B to be his successor. Any successor must be involved in coalition negotiations between the three main parties and be capable of commanding the respect of the proposed coalition government.

If no successor can fulfill this criteria Gordon Brown will remain Prime Minister.

On this final day of voting it is imperative people do NOT vote for the lesser parties as a protest to Labour as this will NOT solve any of our problems!

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