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Post  El Guapo on Fri Oct 08, 2010 4:54 am

Cebu Pacific Airlines - Just Dance!

A VIDEO of flight attendants dancing in the aisles through a safety demonstration has become an internet sensation.

The footage - taken on a Cebu Pacific flight in the Philippines - shows sexy stewardesses grooving along to Lady Gaga's Just Dance.

Filmed by a stunned passenger, the clip was posted on YouTube and has racked up more than seven million hits in just a week.

The flight attendants were trained by choreographers for the stunt aimed at getting the attention of passengers.

At the end of the two-minute demonstration, the orange-clad flight crew are given a round of applause.

A Cebu Pacific spokeswoman said: "We have always been a fun and very family-oriented company.

"The reaction has been positive. The passengers did pay attention."

Cebu Pacific is not the first airline to ask its staff to grab passengers' attention in unusual ways.

In 2009 Air New Zealand produced a saucy safety video showing flight attendants wearing nothing but body paint.

But the Cebu Pacific dance moves have been slammed in the Philippines.

Several politicians and the union for the country's flag carrier Philippine Airlines said the video was demeaning to women.

Men have now also been trained to do the dance.

Absolutely brilliant idea! Love it!