Please support him!

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Please support him!

Post  EarthsAngel on Thu Dec 02, 2010 5:17 am

This soldier made this song for Christmas, he won't be able to join his family for Christmas, nor will he be having any festivities in that hell hole, Afghanistan. The MOD have stopped any funds going to those poor sods fighting their illegal war. Kids left without a father, mothers have lost sons, but do they give a flying fuck? It's OK to spend 20 million on a freakin wedding (courtesy of the taxpayer)It's OK to give millions to terrorists, it's OK to double International aid....going to despot leaders of totally corrupt cesspits. It's not OK to let the Armed Forces have a little bit of Christmas. please post this song wherever you can, FB, myspace etc. You could help to make it the No.1 Christmas song.

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