Is Science Teaching Us Knowledge We Already Once Knew?

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Is Science Teaching Us Knowledge We Already Once Knew?

Post  El Guapo on Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:24 pm

The Ancient Egyptians, The Mayans, The Incas, the Mesapotomians, in fact, practically all of the ancient civilisations all had one common similarity. They all worshipped the skies.

As we learn more and more about these ancient people through the discovery of various artifacts we are slowly seeing another, very surprising, similarity. They all appear to provide clear evidence of contact with extra terrestial beings. This evidence consists of cave paintings of strange flying objects and beings wearing attire that has no correlation to the society in question, examples of machinery of an impossibly high level of technology, and scriptures that talk of Gods visiting them from the skies in chariots made of fire.

However, one by one these ancient civilisations collapsed or vanished inexplicably and were replaced by the civilisations that have evolved into what we see around us today.

With these new civilisations also came the concept of Monotheism and societies across the globe one by one slowly abandoned their old Polytheistic beliefs.

With Monotheism came certain theories such as Creationism and other wild ideas that had no factual basis whatsoever.

People were brainwashed into believing that the Universe was created in only seven days. Into believing that the planet was at the centre of the Universe, and that because God made man in his own image there can be no possibility whatsoever of life on other planets.

For centuries these myths that purported to be fact were drilled into society. Anyone that dared to question was met with death in horrible painful ways. People slowly became conditioned to the idea that a single God was the ultimate force and had the power to see everybodies actions at any given time. People were too petrified to even think of stepping a foot out of line.

But then science arrived...

Science began to slowly dispel these Monotheistic myths. We learnt that we aren't, in fact, the centre of the Universe as Hubble began to broadcast images of the Big Bang, and, when presented with this clear evidence, Religion had no choice but to concede defeat.

Then Science moved on to theories of evolution and provided more irrefutable proofm with the discovery of fossilised remains that Man did not arrive on the 6th day as Religion insisted. Not at all. Religion, once again, had to sigh and concede defeat.

Then science moved on to the possibility of life on other planets. With discoveries of sulpher traces indicating the waste product of underwater bacterial colonies on Jupier's moon Europa, and frozen martian meteorites containing fossilised remains, science proved that there is, indeed, life elsewhere. Religion sighed a third time and conceded defeat.

Science then also began to emulate the characteristics religion gave to God Himself. Mankind also became omniscient with the arrival of the internet giving them instant access to almost any field of knowledge. Man also became omnipresent with the arrival of global video communications. Man also developed the power to create life itself with the discovery of cloning and development of artificial intelligence so advanced that computers are able to think for themselves. There is nothing left that religion tells us God can do that we cannot now do ourselves.

As a result, religion, and the grip that it once held over humanity, has slowly been loosened. More and more people are beginning to ask religion questions that it simply has no answer for other than a pathetic plea to have faith.

Once again, and as a result of science, Man is now looking towards the skies for the answers to it's existence.

The Mayans have predicted b'ak'tun will occur in 2012. Contrary to popular belief this does not interpret as Armageddon. B'ak'tun translates as the conclusion of a cycle.

What will happen then in 2012? Nobody is quite certain but perhaps in 2012 we will experience something similar to what ancient archeaological findings suggest? Perhaps we too will be visited by "Gods" in chariots of fire? Perhaps these beings will bring with them the same reasons as to why we began worshipping the skies in the first place?

Has science then, taught us, what we already knew? Has science taught us that the concept of spirituality goes far beyond that suggested by religion and is a thousand times more wonderful?

Is B'ak'tun predicting the end of the cycle of humanity as we recognise it? Will all religions collapse with defeat and will all Earthlings once again learn that there are no borders, there are no separate states, and that we are, in fact, all part of the same global civilisation of mankind? Is Earth perhaps going to learn that we must put aside our petty quarrels and stop killing each other because our planet is no longer as invulnerable as we thought?

Is b'ak'tun predicting a return to the enlightenment we somehow lost all those thousands of years ago?

Is science teaching us knowledge we already once knew?

If Carlsberg made men...

El Guapo
El Guapo

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Re: Is Science Teaching Us Knowledge We Already Once Knew?

Post  chelseaz on Tue Dec 14, 2010 6:25 am

good piece el guapo....i think we all still hold the knowlege inside of us,and i look forward to the day of enlightenment....can you explain to me why when watching films like the alien films,the so say, "alien writting" they use...imidiatly triggers a reaction in my brain that i know this language but as soon as my brain engages to read it seems to drift out to the edge of my mind and i can't quite remember....i know that i know this it locked away and on the day it will suddenly come back?...i have experienced similar things whilst travelling to seats of earlier civilisations around the world,and even learnt hebrew and greek to try to find clues....this was followed by hieroglyphics....which is in itself not difficult to spans over a great period of time and like any language developes and changes and is to vast to learn it was very interesting in that i learnt a lot more about the way the egyptians saw ...their gods....i say gods as it only seems to be only in a minority of religions that god is portrayed as one.people who dont have a belief are quite welcome to say...the woman is dosent bother me as i know what i feel inside and science cant explain that away....i have also known from a young age that i will be here for the so say... END OF DAYS...personally i cant wait.....I DON'T LIKE NOT KNOWING

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Re: Is Science Teaching Us Knowledge We Already Once Knew?

Post  EarthsAngel on Wed Dec 15, 2010 3:50 am

Brilliant post El, you know my feelings on organized religions and you are spot on with that post. It's time people opened their minds and found themselves within themselves.

This video is very thought provoking and covers some of he brainwashing religions use to mind control the masses. I think you will all enjoy it.