The Four Seasons

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The Four Seasons

Post  El Guapo on Wed Jan 27, 2010 7:22 am

The Four Seasons

Daffodils and cherry blossom,
Swaying and blowing in the wind,
Morning hath broken,
The circle of life now begins,
Swallows sing their song,
As the sun doth rise,
With the dawn of season,
The world seems filled with surprise,
Mother cradles infant,
The miracle of birth,
A gift to all,
From Mother Nature's Earth,
The future is unknown,
No dream is too small,
To the innocence of children,
The World doth enthrall,
Regrets have no place,
In this time of great cheer,
Spring has arrived,
The season of new beginnings is here.

So vibrant and vivid,
Colours do appear,
As midday approaches,
So approaches the prime of thine years,
Bright blue skies,
Signal a bright blue destiny,
Thou learnst the path of existence,
Is lined with such beauty,
The discovery of love,
Fills even the blackest of hearts,
With the season of warmth,
The time for union now starts,
The soul is laid bare,
Now innocence has faded,
Bequeath thy heart,
To the arrow of Cupid,
Waste not these precious moments,
For they are fleeting and brief,
Seize the day,
Cherish your beliefs.

As afternoon beckons,
The world turns grey,
Wrinkled and brown,
Leaves from trees drop away,
The sun shines less bright,
But the sun is still there,
As the day winds down,
In the breezy Autumn air,
The time for reflection,
Has almost come,
But the time for redemption,
Thou hath now stumbled upon,
This is the time,
To amend past wrongs,
The power to banish regret,
To thou now belongs,
Too late to start afresh,
But still time to change course,
In the twilight of life,
Thou must vanquish remorse.

Cold and weary,
The world has lost it's shine,
Nighttime is here,
Thou hath reached the end of thine time,
Filled with memories,
As the snow doth fall,
Tme to ascend to the Heavens?
Or to Hell will thy fall?
Winter is nigh,
The time for dreams is now gone,
From the miracle of life,
Thou must now move on,
The road of humanity,
Thou hath no more to travel,
Tired and weak,
Thou awaiteth thine Angel,
There is but one battle,
Thou hath left,
The most fearsome of wars,
Thou must now conquer Death.
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